We listened to feedback on the needs of the people we work for, and our key stakeholders, when we renewed our vision and strategy in 2021.

The Scottish Government’s policy objectives and national health and wellbeing outcomes and the strategy of our parent company, Wheatley Group, also shaped our vision.

Wheatley Care and our key stakeholders operate in a challenging external environment. The reducing levels of funding available in the care sector, in particular for Local Authority commissioners, is set against national demographics expected to drive a long-term increase in demand for care and support services. That is coupled with a national policy direction of increased personalisation of care services and integration of health and care models.

The UK Government’s ‘Living Wage’ also presents a significant financial challenge for the wider care sector.

Being part of Wheatley Group has redefined us as an organisation and provides us with a significant competitive advantage in the sector.

The financial benefits we achieve through scale and efficiencies, the access to expertise from Group support services, and the increased level of resources to invest in developing our own people are unparalleled in Scotland.

Our strategy Your Home, Your Community, Your Future seeks to build on our journey to excellence and what we have achieved so far.

It will deliver strategic outcomes and priorities which reflect the current and future needs of the people we work for and our key stakeholders. This includes:

  • delivering greater efficiency;
  • enabling people to live more independent lives through innovative use of technology;
  • delivering increasingly personalised services which reflect current demand and future demographic changes.

We want to play a key role, as an innovator and valued partner, in transforming the care environment through developing our sector-leading approach of highly personalised services, with the person in control at every stage of their journey. We call this Our W.E Care approach.

W.E. Care is based on a five-segment customer model with the focus on wellness not illness. We look at what people can do, not what they can’t. Every individual’s care package is co-created with them and remains highly flexible, adapting as their needs evolve and their support requirements change.

Our strategy is underpinned by a strong funding base. We already pay all of our staff the Living Wage - one of the few care organisations in Scotland to do this.