How we care

Wheatley Care provides industry-leading and innovative care and support services to people in need.

Find out more about how we use innovative thinking, new technology and a unique care approach to deliver Personalised Services, Positive Outcomes.

How can we help you?

At Wheatley Care we have a wide range of first-class care and support services to suit everyone.

Self-directed Support

A Self-Directed Support (SDS) package allows people to choose how their support is provided, and gives them as much control as they want of their individual budget.

Our W.E. Care approach

At Wheatley Care we are all about supporting the people we work for to design their own personalised care and support.


We want to give the people we work for control over their own care and support, so they can live independent and healthy lives for as long as possible.

Community engagement

We work with individuals to support their engagement and involvement with their local and wider community.