Our W.E. Care approach

At Wheatley Care we are all about supporting the people we work for to design their own personalised care and support.

We are developing this focus on highly-personalised services, where people are in control at each stage of their care journey, into a sector-leading approach we call W.E. Care.

The focus of W.E. Care is on wellness not illness. Or put simply what people can do, not what they can’t.

It is built around flexible and responsive services so an individual can get the right support they need to live as full a life as they can. Their care package can then change with them as and when their needs evolve.

Through our W.E. Care approach we aim to help people maintain and maximise their well-being, stay safe and self-reliant, get support through life transitions, manage risks and build lasting relationships of trust.

We are continuing to develop W.E. Care with the people we work for and colleagues from across the organisation.