Important change for people using Scottish Gas prepayment cards

The places where people can top up their Scottish Gas key or card are changing.

Scottish Gas are making changes to locations where people can top up prepayment cards

After 1 January 2020, Scottish Gas prepayment customers will no longer be able to top up at places with Paypoint in-store payment service.

They will have to use the Payzone service instead.

People will still be able to top up at the Post Office.

If you pay your bills that way – or you know someone who does – you can find your nearest Payzone outlet at

You can find your nearest Post Office at

If you haven’t topped-up your meter recently, you should do so before 31 December 2019 so that your key or card is updated with the Payzone details.

The change will also affect customers of other energy suppliers who use Scottish Gas prepayment keys or cards.

They won’t work after 31st December 2019, so it is important for customers to contact their current supplier if they haven’t received a replacement device.

Monday, December 16, 2019