Paw-fect savings for Pauline and her pooch

Tenants and their families – and even their pets – are benefiting from MySavings.

Pauline Gilmore and her pet pooch Reggie are loving MySavings

Our new online discount scheme is helping customers save money through a huge range of deals and discounts on their shopping.

People can save up to 10 per cent at more than 1,000 High Street and online retailers on shopping for food and clothes – including school uniforms – as well as treats such as cinema tickets.

Across Wheatley Group, more than 1,500 customers have signed up to MySavings and have taken advantage of more than 16,000 deals since the scheme was launched in May.

Tenant Pauline Gilmore, from Paisley, says it’s easy to use, and her pet dog Reggie – a miniature Schnauzer – is loving it too.

She said: “MySavings will be very useful for people. As well as the weekly shop, it will be really good for birthdays, Christmas and so on. I’ve used it at Asda and saved more than 6 per cent.

“I save two or three pounds every time I do my shop. That money’s better in my pocket than in a supermarket’s.

“You come away feeling really good because you’ve saved money. My dog Reggie is loving it too. I’m not only saving on his canned food – but he also got some extra treats because of the money I saved on my big shop. It will help with the day-to-day shopping too.

“It’s really good that this is available for tenants. It feels like Wheatley is giving something back.”

Remember, you need an online account with us to benefit from MySavings.

Monday, August 26, 2019