Why Wheatley’s environmental teams are busier than ever over the winter

Steven Gray, Wheatley Group's neighbourhood services manager, explains what your environmental teams do when the winter sets in.

our environmental teams are hard at work over the winter

Ever wondered what Wheatley Group's environmental teams do when the grass stops growing?

The myth is that winter time for environmental staff is our quiet time.

Well, it’s certainly a different time of year for us – but we are never quiet.

Grass and hedges may have stopped growing, but there are plenty of other activities that keep us busy.

By this time of year, environmental teams across Wheatley communities are well into their winter maintenance plans, plans which are unique to every street and, where appropriate, multi-storey site.

This is also the time of year that we can focus on other jobs, such as moss and leaf clearance.

NETs work hard over the winter NETs work hard over the winter

It’s also a chance to tackle troublesome communal hedges that we didn’t have time to get to during the cutting season and we are also able to identify closes and bin sets that need a deep clean.

Winter time also allows us to help our local authority partners by tackling some ‘forgotten’ land that nevertheless has become an eyesore for our tenants.

Our arborists are busier than ever at this time of year – because tree cutting is easier when the branches are bare.

NETs teams work hard over the winter NETs work hard over the winter

The gardening teams may not be involved in planting activities, but they are preparing beds for next year, adding woodchip to existing beds to suppress weeds,  emptying and storing planters and planning landscaping projects in readiness for spring time.

Wheatley’s environmental teams are also on standby every day over the winter to respond to severe weather. For example, we have stockpiled grit and salt to help keep our communities safe.

As the weather gets more extreme, our cutting season is getting longer. This year, for example, we were cutting right up until 1 November – and spring is bound to come earlier next year.

Winters might be getting shorter, but they are also getting busier for Wheatley’s environmental teams.

Friday, November 29, 2019