About Wheatley Group

We’re part of Wheatley Group – Scotland’s leading housing, care and property-management group. Wheatley provides homes and services to over 210,000 people in 19 local authority areas across central Scotland.

More about Wheatley Group

Wheatley Group is named after John Wheatley, the Glasgow MP who became known as the father of social housing.

All parts of the Group are firmly rooted in their local communities. However, by joining forces, our partner organisations are delivering much more for their customers than they could on their own. 

And, by using our combined size and scale, we are contributing to improving housing, care and regeneration at a national level.

The value of Wheatley

Being part of Wheatley Group means we can provide extra value to communities and the people we work for.

We have extensive experience of working with housing providers and understand the importance of people feeling safe in their homes and the types of support they might need to stay in their home and be part of their community.

The Wheatley Pledge incentivises Wheatley’s contractors and suppliers to do more for communities by creating jobs and training places for local people or by carrying out voluntary projects.

The people we work for are able to benefit from these opportunities.

We can also access a range of wraparound services that Wheatley provides including environmental services, furniture packages and the EatWell initiative.

Sharing resource and expertise as part of Wheatley also allows us to be much more innovative than we could be on our own.

Our unique W.E. Care approach was developed in partnership with the people we work for and colleagues from across Wheatley.

This model places individuals as leaders in their care delivery and uses a range of innovative products to support individuals.

These include volunteering, technology-enabled care and creating personalised adaptations to individuals homes.

Which organisations make up Wheatley Group?

  • Wheatley Homes Glasgow - Scotland’s largest social landlord, with almost 43,000 affordable homes in Glasgow;
  • Wheatley Homes South - with more than 10,200 homes across the region;
  • Wheatley Homes East - with more than 6400 affordable homes in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife;
  • Loretto Housing - with more than 2500 affordable homes in the central belt;
  • Wheatley Care - which provides care and support to around 3500 people every week across Scotland;
  • Lowther - which lets and manages around 2500 mid-market and full-market homes and provides factoring services to 29,000 homeowners;
  • Wheatley Solutions - where 400 staff provide support services to the Group subsidiaries;
  • Wheatley Foundation - which invests over £5million annually supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Wheatley’s communities; and
  • City Building (Glasgow) - jointly owned by Wheatley and Glasgow City Council, employing over 2000 employees and providing repairs and maintenance services to Wheatley homes in the west of Scotland.