Alcohol-related Brain Damage

Our Alcohol-related Brain Damage service supports people at a state-of-the-art development in Glasgow.

What we do

The purpose-built accommodation at Tollcross Road in Glasgow comprises 22 studio flats, surrounding two private courtyards.

Each studio has adaptable smart technology, direct access to external landscaped garden areas and communal living space throughout the development.

Our experience of combining person-centred care with assistive technology enables us to provide the people we work for with a safe environment, which allows people to adopt a lifestyle that suits their current and future needs.

Our team

Our skilled, professional staff come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing with them a range of different expertise in health and social care and life experiences that enhance how we deliver the service.

Our integrated nursing and social care team is based on site and has a focus on specific individual outcomes and aspirations.

The team is flexible in its approach. Staff have excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, commitment and motivation, together with the initiative to work on their own and go the extra mile.

Our objectives

The overall objective of the service is to improve the quality of life for people experiencing the affects of Alcohol-related Brain Damage (ARBD).

We aim to help everyone we work with to live their lives as fully and independently as possible.

  • our experience in providing ARBD services is that wellbeing fluctuates day to day and week to week, therefore flexibility and adaptability are crucial
  • we recognise individual needs can be complex and are dependent on history, lifestyle and physical health status
  • we have a strong focus on activity, involvement and engagement, in a way that is meaningful for each person
  • we provide a friendly, homely setting within a care home environment
  • we enable people to retain their independence and identity, promoting choice and a sense of value
  • we offer physical and emotional support to people we work for, their family and friends
  • we promote individual and community safety and well-being through balanced approaches to enablement as well as management of risk
  • we work collaboratively and effectively with individuals and agencies to ensure the best outcomes for the people we work for.

Assessment and intervention

  • outcome star and Story Care all tailored to the individual and co-produced with their named worker (Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator) with input from a nurse
  • a variety of assessment tools, including Service Manager Mayo-Portland
  • access to specialist addictions professionals as well as mainstream services such as GP, dentist and other health professionals
  • group and individually tailored activities to ensure they are relevant, have meaning for people and promote engagement.

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