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We are leading the way in giving people real choice and control over their care and support.

We focus on personalised services which are flexible and co-created with people to help them take the lead in achieving their own positive outcomes.

We deliver a range of care and support, tailored to individual preferences using a range of methods, including volunteers, technology, low level adaptations and, of course, face-to-face time with a fully trained staff member of your choice.

We are committed to excellence, giving the people we work for more choice and designing services round the individual.

What runs through everything we do is the emphasis our staff put on working with people to build confidence and resilience and to lead as happy and independent a life as they can.

Our award-winning care and support services are available to people in need across Scotland.

We work with a diverse range of people with care and support needs including:

  • individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • learning disabilities
  • addiction issues
  • mental health conditions
  • suffering alcohol-related brain damage
  • and vulnerable young people.

      We'll make sure people in need receive care and support to live fulfilled and independent lives resulting in high level user satisfaction rates.

      One way we achieve this is by encouraging individuals to lead on the delivery of their care. We’ll work with you every step of the way to reach your positive outcomes.

      This unrelenting emphasis on working with the individual to help them lead as fulfilled and independent a life as they can is what sets Wheatley Care apart.


        We are committed to giving the people we work for the best possible support.

        One of the ways we measure the difference we make is through the positive journeys people make in their mental and physical health, and the progress they make in the skills they need to get a job.


          We are a leading provider of care and support services in Scotland – which has been recognised by the care industry. Find out more about our successes at awards.

          Have your say

          You will always be able to have a say about the support you receive. We will listen to what you say and respect your wishes. We will encourage you to make decisions about your own support.

          Our staff

          Our staff are passionate about helping you to achieve a better quality of life. Our staff are all trained and supervised to make sure that they understand how to support you.

          All our staff work towards Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Health and Social Care. We will listen to what you say about our staff and respond to your wishes.