Iconic images of Glasgow make it 'a dream home' for Annie

Older tenants at a new Wheatley development in Glasgow are getting to know their neighbours thanks to some iconic photographs of their home city.

Images of Glasgow on walls of Bellrock St Livingwell complex

Scotland’s leading housing, care and property-management group has just opened a new Livingwell complex designed to help older people live independently at Bellrock Street in Cranhill.

The complex has iconic photos of Glasgow, including the Barrowlands, the former Maryhill Barracks and the Duke of Wellington with his cone, lining the walls.

The framed photos sit alongside well-kent Glaswegian phrases such as ‘Lang may yer lum reek’, ‘Chap ma door’ and ‘Hame’ll dae me’.

The new design is intended to help new residents feel welcome, remind them of past events or places and help spark conversations.

Annie Love, who moved into Bellrock Street from nearby Soutra Place in April, loves the photos – and says the complex is her dream home.

Annie, 78, said: “The pictures of Glasgow back in the day are a great idea. They’re beautiful and help us reminisce about the old days.

“They make people want to speak to each other and the memories help stimulate people’s minds.

“There’s a beautiful atmosphere here, people get on great together.

“This is my dream home, really. The staff are fantastic. They can’t do enough for us.”

Glasgow Imageson walls on Bellrock St Livingwell complex Images of Glasgow on walls of Bellrock St Livingwell complex

Livingwell is Wheatley Group’s service – provided by Wheatley Care – to support older tenants to live independently.

The service uses new technology to maintain daily contact between tenants and their housing team, with the tried-and-tested OkEachDay service, operated by Alertacall, allowing tenants to check in on a daily basis and speak to someone if they need to.

The complex in Bellrock Street, made up of 19 two-bedroom flats, includes a large communal area for social activities such as crafts, music, quizzes and meet your neighbour events to help reduce isolation.

While the communal area is still closed due to the pandemic, Annie is looking forward to it reopening

She added: “We have a wonderful communal area. It’s so big. I run an Alzheimer’s Club, and hopefully we can hold meetings there once restrictions are lifted.

“I also run a drama club – and I’m sure lots of people here would love to see a wee performance.”

Melissa Campbell, Wheatley’s Livingwell lead, said: “Our Livingwell service helps older people live independently in their own homes for as long as they can.

“The photos of Glasgow are a great way to increase interaction and help create a feeling of community.

“It’s really important that customers’ voices are heard because this is their home – and people really love the images.”

Wheatley runs 31 Livingwell complexes in Glasgow, with one in Kennishead due to open this summer, and another opening in West Lothian later this year.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021