Inspectors hail Loretto Care service

The support Loretto Care provides for young homeless people has been hailed as 'exemplary' by inspectors.

South Lanarkshire Young Persons’ Intensive Outreach Service

The Care Inspectorate – the body which regulates and inspects care services in Scotland to make sure they meet the right standards – carried out an inspection of Loretto Care’s South Lanarkshire Young Persons’ Intensive Outreach Service in January this year.

The inspector interviewed the staff team of six as well as some of the 23 young people who were using the service at the time.

The service was described as 'exemplary' and the inspector said she found 'excellent examples of innovative practice' in the care and support provided.

The report also described Loretto Care staff as 'exceptional in all aspects of their practice'.

You can read a story on the report published in Care News.

Acting Area Care Manager Sharon Fleming said she and the staff team were delighted with the glowing report.

Sharon said: “The young people here are very supportive of the service – and that was reflected in the report.

“The young people are in control. They guide us as to the outcomes they want to achieve – whether it’s becoming settled into permanent accommodation, getting help into jobs and training, or developing their living skills.

“They feel really listened to and feel that they are in control of the service they receive.

“The service makes a big difference to the lives of young people – and we’re really happy the Care Inspectorate recognised this.”


Wednesday, April 19, 2017