First Minister opens Lipton Academy

Nicola Sturgeon experienced firsthand the creative juices of the people we work for when she opened our new Academy in Glasgow.


First Minister meets the people Loretto Care works for at new opening

First Minister meets the people Loretto Care works for at new opening - Video thumbnail

She met some of the people we work for, viewed artworks created, and said it could be one of the most inspiring things she had done all year.

The Academy was opened in partnership with Wheatley Group, our parent company, in July 2016.

Among the artworks Nicola viewed were pieces by artist David Young, poet Deborah Richmond, and songstress
Whitney Haughton.

They all had the chance to speak to the First Minister about their inspirations, interests and experiences.

The First Minister was shown artwork and poetry created by the people we work for at our Fullarton Project, and was treated to a performance of Whitney’s song by Ensemble.

She said: “It is quite simply awe-inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share your work. What all of it does is demonstrate that we should see beyond the challenges, barriers and handicaps that people often face in life, and see the person, the ability, and the talent each person has.”

And the people we work for had plenty of time to tell Nicola about their lives and the work they do with Loretto Care.

Deborah Richmond, 43, from the Fullarton Project said of her poem: “Something came into my head and I was
inspired to write. It doesn’t come naturally, but I carry on with it.

“Nicola told me that the poem was beautiful. She gave everyone a boost.”

Nicola said The Academy, which has been designed with special features to encourage learning and discussion among staff at Loretto Care and the people Loretto works for, is an “absolutely incredible” facility.

She said: “I’m blown away by the talent on display here. Good luck as you use this space to create and do
truly remarkable things.

“There is nothing I will do for the rest of this week, probably for the rest of this month, maybe even for the
rest of this year, that will give me such an uplifting and positive feeling as I have had here.”