How Loretto Care makes me feel safe and at peace

Liz McAvoy has been at Loretto Care’s resettlement support service in Paisley for nine months. Here, Liz explains how staff there helped turn her life around.

Liz McAvoy is pictured, centre, with, from left, Lyall Moses, Ann Fraser, Angela Gillies and Hugh Ferris.

Before I came to Loretto Care’s Abercorn service I had no reason to get out of bed. I lived in one room and never saw anyone, never claimed benefits, never even opened my door.

That was the worst time for me.

Even when I first came here to live I didn’t know what was happening. I was broken, in a lot of ways.I used to hate it when the door went and had to talk to staff. I didn’t know how to act in front of them. My head was so scrambled it was as if someone put 10 power cards in my head and no two were going in the same direction.

Now I know I’m going to get stronger – and that’s all due to the good people here.

Without Angela, Ann, Lyall, Maisy and Hugh I wouldn’t be at peace.They listen to me – even when I talk rubbish. Maisy is great and many a night she has sat with me when my head is in a dark place, which is a regular occurrence.

Ann has always supported me. I think of her with a smile, as I do Angela. If either of them are on shift, I feel comfortable about sitting and being normal.Many a time I’ve not been well in the head, but that doesn’t mean I am daft. Angela and Ann helped me take one day at a time – and that’s really important for me.

Maureen gives me a sense of security. Her way of working makes me feel safe. She sets fair boundaries and she’s human and approachable.

Lyall is a great asset to the people who live here. As a staff member, he goes out of his way to understand everybody. I think he just needs to realise how good he is at his job. When I speak to Lyall I know he listens, he hears what I say and will help me in any way he can. I’ve got five sons and believe me, there’s nothing I wouldn’t talk to Lyall about.

Hugh is also great, as nothing is too big for him to help any of us.

These people have made me see there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not nervous of being alone with a man because I now know not everybody is out to hurt me.

I’ve gained confidence and quickly found a place where I’m safe in my own mind. I will never be whole again – but I know I am a lot better. Now I know I have a future.

Liz McAvoy is pictured, centre, with, from left, Lyall Moses, Ann Fraser, Angela Gillies and Hugh Ferris.