Leading role for the people we work for

The people we work for are always centre stage at Loretto Care.

Lingo Flamingo classes

And now we are using the theatre to find the best way to support people to live life to the full.

We ran a series of drama workshops for staff and the people we work for to get together and explore different issues through short plays.

We made short pieces based on real experiences of care, and acted them out. 

We also talked about what the characters could have done differently.

The groups were run by theatre group Diversity Matters to improve the way we train staff and bring you services.

Training Manager David Roxburgh said: “It is a different approach to training. It helps bring staff and the people we work for together.”

Paul McManus, who took part, said it had boosted his confidence, helped him discover new skills and made new friends.

He said: “I really enjoyed it. The acting has been good, and I want to keep doing drama.”