DJ David has Inchyra rocking

A supported tenant at a Loretto Care service in Grangemouth has started his own radio station.

Loretto customer David Gibson

David Gibson, from Inchyra Place, started Radio Mi Amigo earlier this year.

He records music playlists featuring everyone from the Spice Girls to the Village People, as well as jingles, weather and even news bulletins, on to a disc which he distributes to Loretto Care staff in Inchyra five days a week.

David, 72, said: “I started going through playlists on a streaming service last year. One thing led to another and now I do mock radio shows five days a week.

“I also do a mock live three-hour show fortnightly with co-presenter Caitlind Kaminski from Loretto Care.

“Last month we had Loretto Housing’s Yvonne Reilly on the show. She was a natural – very good and great fun.

“I really enjoy it.”

Yvonne said: “David’s shows are really professional.

“Nothing is scripted but his timings are perfect. He even makes his own jingles.

“It’s a really eclectic mix of music he produces, and he’ll make sure to welcome Loretto Care staff who are on shift too.

“I was very impressed.”

Caitlind Kaminski added: “It’s been fantastic to see how much David’s confidence has grown through this.

“It’s a really good way of integrating into the local community and being involved with others.”

Friday, October 04, 2019