The Barmulloch service provides a Housing Support and Care at Home service to individuals who have mental health concerns.


3 Quarrywood Avenue, Barmulloch, Glasgow, G21 3BA.

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0141 274 8064



Further Information

Loretto Care’s Glasgow Personalised Service (Mental Health) provides a Housing Support and Care at Home Service to adults who have either a learning disability, enduring mental health problems or who experience issues of alcohol dependency.

The service is provided from the staff base at Barmulloch in the north area of Glasgow.

The service base is staffed on a 24-hour basis and provides planned support 8am-11pm.

Sleepover provision is in place to provide support for unplanned or emergency situations.

The people we work for live within their own tenancies in the Glasgow area. They have individual Self-Directed Support budgets to purchase an individualised personalised outcome-based support package, designed to meet their assessed needs.

The service offers our unique ‘W.E. Care model’, focusing on wellbeing not illness, providing reassurance through innovative technology, enabling the people we work for to live in their homes longer while accessing local services, and becoming more involved and engaged in their neighbourhood.

We promote the Integration of Health and Social Care by building relationships to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals.

How to make a referral

You would require a Self-Directed Support package.

Individuals and Care Managers can contact the service directly, or via the Link Officer.

Glasgow City Council's Link Officer:

Terry Martin
Senior Officer Mental Health
Mental Health Commissioning Team
Centenary House
100 Morrison St
G5 8LN
Tel: 0141 276 5785.

On receipt of all referral forms and Shared Needs Analysis, an assessment is completed by the service to decide whether the service can meet the identified needs of the individual.

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