We want to give the people we work for control over their own care and support, so they can live independent and healthy lives for as long as possible.

As we look to the future, we know that more and more of us will live longer and are likely to need extra support with day-today living.

By 2039, it is forecast there will be an 85% increase in the over-75 age group (source: National Record Scotland 2016).

Continuing to provide high-quality, personalised services, tailored to the individual and their needs, in the context of an ageing population will become ever more challenging.

To do so, while at the same time delivering greater value for money, needs new approaches, fresh thinking and innovative solutions.

Innovation Project

The Innovation Project is a pilot in which we are testing a package of innovative products which we believe could help improve people’s lives and care journey.

415 Project

Our 415 Project is one example of how we are leading the way in care.

Technology Enabled Care

We are developing new technology to help the people we work for.