Innovation Project

The Innovation Project is a pilot in which we will test a package of innovative products which we believe could help improve people’s lives and care journey.

The innovation project has a strong emphasis on creative solutions tailored to individual needs and preferences and aims to:

  • build resilience in individuals and communities
  • support and enhance existing service provision
  • lead the way in developing new methods of delivering services that are attractive and affordable to a wide range of customers.

Four key products are being tested during the pilot. These are:

  • W.E. Care Online – where we move simple, day-to-day transactions online, where appropriate by telephone, freeing up more frontline care staff to devote more time to quality care interactions;
  • Technology Enabled Care – where we test the use of assistive technology to support people, where appropriate, to live more independently at home;
  • Volunteering – we support the people we work for to take up volunteering opportunities and enable others to volunteer within our services;
  • Training – where we support staff and the people we work for to build resilience, think innovatively and to become leaders in their lives through the delivery of our Step into Leadership Programme.

How will we measure outcomes?

The project will be measured against seven key indicators aligned with National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes and
Wheatley Group’s ambitions to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, innovative products.

The indicators include:

  • impact of the project on hospital admissions
  • length of stay in hospital
  • prescribed medication levels
  • sense of safety, security and wellbeing
  • use of technology by staff
  • uptake of technology by the people we work for
  • cost effectiveness of the products offered within current and future service provision.