Technology Enabled Care

Technology Enabled Care and all of our innovation on technology is underpinned by the principles that people are kept safe, there is no loss of personal service and no loss of what matters most to the people we work for.

Technology will complement and not replace face-to-face support.

We have developed significant knowledge around assistive technology from our 415 Project at Nitshill.

Through this, we now have the skills to develop standard living environments and domestic appliances to support day-to-day living for people living with disabilities, by providing products tailored to their requirements and preferences.

For example participants will be offered a ‘Canary Care’ home monitoring system for their homes. This is a discreet unit which monitors light, movement and heat sensors in the home. Individual rules can be set up for each person so that if motion is not detected by a particular time, email and/or text notifications are sent to up to 40 individuals, alerting them.

We are working closely with manufacturers in further developing the Canary units to enable remote communication, falls detection and also to ensure the unit is fully flexible for future needs.

Smart screen televisions will also be tested at our services.

These provide live information on what staff are on shift that day, what’s on in the local area, activities within services, bus timetables and local news.

This helps promote independence, is tailored to the local community and will be adapted to suit requests from residents.

Tablet computers will be made available at services, with tutoring sessions provided to support people. We will trial remote wellbeing checks with staff, communication with families, shopping online and video diaries of participants’ views on the innovation projects.

A range of wearable technology, fitness devices and apps will also be made available to determine if these encourage activity and what people’s preferences are for exercising and self-management of conditions.